Greta Soo

Sales Representative

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Agent Bio:

Greta Soo, is a principal of HJY Holdings Inc. and Echelon Developments Ltd., and has
over 40 years experience in the real estate industry. She attended the University of B.C.
where she received her Bachelor of Commerce degree in Urban Land Economics and
Finance in 1980 and has held her BC realtor license since 2002.
Between 1980 and 1999, she held a number of property management positions for
various federal and municipal authorities in both B.C. and Ontario. Since then, she has
been a property consultant participating on a broad range of both small and large scale
government real estate projects involving valuations, negotiations and acquisitions –
notable of which projects have included the Skytrain Millenium Line, Skytrain Canada
Line and Golden Ears Bridge. In addition, she has handled her family’s portfolio of
real estate holdings, largely in the Lower Mainland.